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A Brief Look At Flat Head Rivet Nuts

In short, both flat head rivet nuts and Countersunk Head Rivet Nuts are a kind of nut in metrology. The standard number of flat head rivet nuts: The current standard implemented by the domestic industry: GB/T 17880.1-1999.

According to the type of head, the rivet nuts sold on the market can basically be divided into flat head rivet nuts and countersunk rivet nuts. But the most common is the flat head rivet nut.

The flat head rivet nut changes the old method of the traditional process used before. When installing parts on a thin plate, there is no need to strike internal threads and weld nuts. From the appearance point of view, the top of the flat head rivet nut is flush, forming a flat interface after riveting, which is firmer, more beautiful, convenient and fast.

From the point of view of use, the fastening effect of flat head rivet nuts is better, and this type of rivet nut is usually used. However, in some use processes, the surface needs to be flat after riveting, so the counterbore can be punched in this process, and then riveted with countersunk rivet nuts after the riveting is completed to make the riveted surface flat.

Although there are many domestic brands of rivet nuts for flat Flat Head Rivet Nuts in China, the quality of the product itself is comparable to foreign products. However, product stability still needs to be improved, and imported products have low aluminum content. The reputation is very good, so more companies tend to import brands when buying.