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About The Advantages Of Half Hex Rivet Nuts

There are many types of rivet nuts we can see, and there are also many types of classification methods and categories. However, there are two main categories, blind rivet nuts, and blind rivet nuts. Today we will take a look at the half hex rivet nut in the rivet nut.

Like other rivet nuts, half-hexagonal rivet nuts can provide fast, reliable, and low-cost connections, with strong load-bearing capacity, installation, and connection methods, without damaging the working surface, coating, and not easy to deform. It has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-deformation, anti-rotation, high connection strength, wide selection range, and wide riveting range.

The product is flexible in application, beautiful and stable, and has a series of specifications. Its performance is better than welding nuts, self-tapping nuts, traditional nuts, and bolts. Single-sided riveting is an excellent solution for riveting middle hole frames, shells, pipes, profiles, or sealing components. Ensure that the internal thread after installation is firm and durable. Can be used with bolts. It also has a rivet function, which can rivet thin plates together.

Although there is only one difference between the hex rivet nut and the half hex rivet nut, and no matter the material or the other is also very similar, there are still differences between the two, so remember not to choose the wrong one when choosing.