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Assembly Advantages Of Rivet Nuts

The rivet nut can provide fast, reliable and low-cost connection. The rivet nut has reliable quality and strong load-bearing capacity.


Sheng energy is better than welding nuts, self-tapping screws, pressure riveting nuts, nuts and bolts. The main advantages of use are as follows:


1) Single-sided construction;

2) Mother Еa;

3) Do not damage the surface coating of the workpiece;

4) Reduce rework and waste

5) Low installation cost:

6) Flexible product application

7) Suitable for punching and drilling.


Haining R-BEST HARDWARE main products of this factory are countersunk head rivet nut, hex rivet nut, flat head rivet nut, half hex rivet nut, etc. We specialized in custom rivet nut.