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Compare The Advantages of Rivet Nuts

Today we will briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary riveting and the advantages of rivet nuts. If you are interested, just look down.

The advantages of ordinary riveting:

1. The use of tools is flexible, simple and inexpensive;

2. Suitable for the connection of more complex structures;

3. The connection strength is relatively stable and reliable;

4. The operation process is easy to master;

5. Easy to check and troubleshoot;

6. Suitable for connection between various materials.

Disadvantages of ordinary riveting:

1. It is easy to cause deformation and the skin surface is not smooth enough;

2. The fatigue of ordinary steel connections is low;

3. Ordinary riveting has poor sealing performance;

4. Drilling and riveting have high labor intensity, low production efficiency and poor working conditions.

5. Increased structural weight:

6. Reduced strength;

Advantages of rivet nut steel connection:

Nuts can provide fast, reliable, low-cost connections, rivet nuts are of reliable quality and strong carrying capacity. The performance is better than welding nuts, self-tapping screws, old nuts, nuts and bolts. The main advantages of use are as follows: single-sided construction, low installation cost, firm and reliable nuts, flexible product application, without damaging the surface of the workpiece, the degree of layer, applicable For punching and drilling, reduce re-repair and waste.

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