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Custom Fasteners

Fasteners are a type of mechanical parts that are used for fastening and connection and are extremely widely used in our daily life. They are used when two or more parts (or components) are fastened and connected as a whole. The general term for a class of mechanical parts. Fasteners can be used in many industries, such as energy, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical, metallurgy, molds, hydraulics, etc. industries, and in various machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures , Tools, instruments, chemicals, meters and supplies, etc., we can also see all kinds of fasteners, which can be said to be the most widely used mechanical basic parts so far. Of course, there are all kinds of custom fasteners .

Fasteners are characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance and use, and the degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization is also extremely high. Therefore, some people call a type of fasteners that have national standards as standard fasteners, or simply standard parts.

Since 2001, my country formally joined the WTO and entered the ranks of major international trade nations. my country's fastener products are exported to countries all over the world, and fastener products from all over the world are also pouring into the Chinese market. Fasteners, as one of the products with a large import and export volume in my country, are in line with international standards. It is of great practical significance to promote Chinese fastener companies to the world and to promote fastener companies to fully participate in international cooperation and competition. Strategic significance.

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