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Features Of Knurled Rivet Nuts

knurled rivet nut is suitable for thin and soft materials. After installation, it is flat and beautiful. When the knurling on the rod directly contacts the workpiece, it begins to deform, and then slowly bulges to clamp the outer pattern of the workpiece. It is especially suitable for aluminum or plastic parts or uneven surfaces.

(1) Light weight, not easy to deform, strong corrosion resistance, serialized specifications, of course, you can also choose to customize.

(2) Single-sided riveting is an excellent solution for riveting middle hole frames, shells, pipes, profiles or sealing components. After riveting, it has extremely high torsional strength.

(3) Pure mechanical fastening, small deformation of the workpiece, and no damage to the surface treatment of the riveted workpiece.

(4) Fast installation and low cost.

(5) It can be reused safely without affecting performance.

Note: The product needs to punch the corresponding counterbore on the board plane. The counterbore should be able to ensure that the head of the rivet nut is exposed at a safe height of 0.1mm to ensure the correct use of the rivet nut. Suitable for thinner and softer materials.

Product installation method: Put the product into the pre-punched or drilled installation hole, and apply a pulling force to the product according to the standard installation force to install the product in place.

The scope of application of the product: lighter electromechanical assembly such as automobiles, aviation, mechanical equipment, railways, instruments, furniture, etc.

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