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Flat Head Rivet Nut Head Type Classification

The rivet nuts sold in the market can be classified into flat head rivet nut and countersunk rivet nut according to the head type. The most common is the flat head rivet nut.

The cylindrical part of the flat head rivet nut is divided into two types: smooth surface and vertical pattern, and vertical pattern rivet nut, because its vertical pattern can play a role of anti-skid, is a more commonly used one in the production process. In the later stage, the head leaks out of the thin plate. Carbon steel rivet nut is also the most commonly used and strongest type of rivet nut. Its national standard is GB/17880.1.

A flat head rivet nut is a thicker head, which protrudes from the board after riveting. The small-head rivet nut has a relatively thin head, and after riveting, it is flat on the outside of the plate. Many products usually use rivet nuts, such as cars, chassis, these can be used.

The above is the introduction of flat head rivet nut. For more details, please visit carbon steel rivet nut .