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How To Use Rivet Nut Aluminium

In real life, there are still many places where rivet nut aluminium are used, but due to different models, the use will be different, so we don't know how to choose. Moreover, how to use rivet nut aluminium is also a problem. There are manual and power tools for aluminum rivet nuts. Today, there are few manual applications. In order to improve work efficiency, electric riveting nuts are used. Here is how to use the manual riveting nut tool.

Use the rivet nut tool to insert the rivet nut into the installed hole to fix the rivet nut.
(1) Screw the blind rivet nut onto the rivet nut tool
2) Use the rivet nut tool to insert the blind rivet nut into the drilled mounting hole.
(3) Tighten the nut, and then press the handles on both sides of the rivet nut tool toward the middle rod. Only one type of pressure can be used. Therefore, the compression must be in place. It is forbidden to repeatedly squeeze the nuts on both sides to damage the nuts in the form of tightening threads.
(4) Separation of the riveting mother tool from the rivet nut: only loosen the ball head in the picture, after completely loosening, the tool will be separated from the nut. It is forbidden to directly pull the riveting tool to damage the thread in the nut.
Like rivet nut aluminium, stainless steel rivet nut is used in the same way as rivet nut aluminium, and there are two different ways of use, namely manual and automatic, but there are almost no manuals.