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Automobile special screws must be used in this way

Now there are more and more people buying cars. I believe many people have already bought a car, or plan to buy a car. Everyone knows that the first thing to do when buying a car is to get a license. After all the procedures are done, it is to get a license. But recently, many netizens have been deducted points for cars that have already been licensed. This in the end is why?

It turns out that when many cars are licensed, the owner finds that there are only two screw holes on the license plate of his car, but the vehicle management office has issued four screws. Many owners have no experience, and two are two! Anyway, the same is fixed, but after being on the road, it was stopped by the traffic police. Because two screws were missing, points and fines were deducted, which really made people feel inexplicable and wronged.

In fact, this is a rule that our country had long ago. First of all, no matter how many screw holes your car has, you need to install four screws. That is to say, four screws are the lowest standard. If your car has six or eight screw holes on the license plate, then you need to install six or eight screws. Points and penalties are required for failure.

And when you are in the license plate, the vehicle management office will send you a special screw for the car, this screw can not be replaced. That is to say, you can only use this kind of car-specific screw to get the license plate of your car, in fact, it is because this screw has a unique logo. It can be seen at a glance. Generally, the car management office will give four. If your car needs six or eight, you can find a few more at the car management office. This does not require money.

There are a lot of car owners who may accidentally remove the screws on the car tube when they are on the license plate or in their daily lives. Then they can find a screw and turn it on. However, it is also undesirable to do so. If you are caught by the traffic police on the road, you will find that you will also be deducted points. This is where you can continue to apply for this special screw at the car management office. Has the screw on the license plate been lost in your own car?

Why is the requirement for a simple license plate screw so strict? This is because some bad car owners do not like to get license plates when driving, and then they can do whatever they want. When I was caught, I said I was because the license plate screws were not tight, and then the license plate fell off. In order to avoid this situation, the vehicle management requires that no matter what type of vehicle, four screws must be installed, and the designated screws are used.