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How to detect the advantages and disadvantages of automotive special screws

Appearance inspection The appearance of the car-specific screws makes an impression. Impressions are the steps to reach sales. This feature should be put aside first. When you take out your hand, the appearance of the screw should be relatively clean, and the grease and dust below should be cleaned away, which cannot give the impression of a long-term backlog. In this way, the spiral commodity level will not increase, but it will have a great impact on its purchase price. At the same time, burrs on the screw surface, including threads, should be removed and cleaned, and some screws should be polished before leaving the factory. These are to improve the appearance of the screws.

The processing of functional inspection threads should comply with the corresponding thread specifications, and the pitch should be strictly controlled. If the outer surface of the screw has been plated, the thickness of the coating should also stop. The inside of the coating should be very smooth and free of pimples.

 Material inspection The materials used to process automotive screws can be divided into many types, which is also an important factor in considering the price of threads. Under normal circumstances, the customer should stop the material inspection before removing the special screws of the car he purchased. There are many ways to test the data. The fastest method is spectroscopy, which can read the content of various elements in the spiral data and stop the classification of various materials. Although other methods can also distinguish the material of automotive special screws, these methods are more common.