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Installation Of Rivet Nut Aluminium

There is a lot of rivet nut aluminium in daily life, so let’s take a look at the installation of rivet nut today.

The rivet nut has a foldable outer shell and an inner shell with internal threads, allowing the installer to place the structural thread in a thin material without reaching the back of the material, thereby putting the nut thread on the end of the fastener. Special tools are required to install the rivet nut in the material and provide a firm connection in the thin material.

Some tools are designed to provide holes for installation, and other tools are designed to collapse the shell of the nut to hold it in place in the material. Using incorrect tools will allow the installed rivet nut to rotate in the mounting hole or be pulled out of thin material. Both of these conditions lead to a poor connection, requiring the installer to install another rivet nut.

The installation of stainless steel rivet nut also needs to comply with the above installation matters.