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Introduction And Use of Hex Rivet Nuts

Hex Rivet Nut, also known as blind rivet nut, pull cap, instant pull cap, is used in the fastening field of various metal sheets, pipes and other manufacturing industries. It is widely used in automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, Assemble furniture, decoration and other electromechanical and light industrial products.

It is developed to solve the shortcomings of thin metal plate and thin tube welding nuts, such as easy melting and easy slippage of internal threads. It does not require internal threads to be tapped, does not require welding nuts, riveting is firm and efficient, and easy to use.

Types: flat head, small head, hex, half hex rivet nuts, with through holes, blind holes, knurled and non-knurled.

Purpose: If the nut of a certain product needs to be installed on the outside, and the space inside is small, the indenter of the sub-riveting machine cannot be used for pressure riveting and the method of sprouting and other methods cannot meet the strength requirements, then pressure riveting and expansion riveting are not allowed. Row. Blind riveting must be used. It is suitable for the fastening field of various thickness plates and pipes (0.5MM-6MM). The use of pneumatic or manual riveting guns can be rivetted at one time, which is convenient and firm; it replaces the traditional welding nut to make up for the shortcomings of thin metal plate, thin tube welding, and welding nuts are not smooth.

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