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Misunderstanding The Impact Of Threaded Rivet Nuts

When we use threaded rivet nuts , we often encounter some misunderstandings. Many people don’t know what to do or what consequences these misunderstandings will lead to. Next, let us talk about the misunderstandings and misunderstandings of threaded rivet nuts. The impact of these misunderstandings.

(1) Threaded rivet nuts should be thicker rather than thinner

For important couplings on the machine, such as drive shafts, fly shafts, etc., bolts mostly use fine threads. When parts were missing for repair, someone replaced them with thick bolts. Because the inner diameter of the fine-threaded bolt is larger, the pitch and the outer angle are smaller, it has high strength, good self-locking performance, and can withstand impact, vibration, and exchange loads; after using the thick-threaded bolt, it is easy to lose or fall off and break, causing mechanical accidents.

(2) The washer of the rivet nut is too large

Sometimes, due to the lack of a suitable gasket, some people will switch to a gasket with a larger inner diameter. In this way, the contact area under the head of the bolt with the washer is small, thereby reducing the bearing pressure or locking force of the washer, and the bolt is easy to loosen under the action of vibration and impact load.

(3) The torque of the rivet nut does not match

Many people believe that threaded rivet nuts should be "tightened rather than loosened". Therefore, they consciously increase the tightening torque of threaded rivet nuts, which causes the threaded rivet nuts to slip. On the other hand, for important threaded rivet nuts that need to be tightened with torque, some people try to save trouble with adjustable wrenches. As a result, they tend to loosen due to insufficient torque, leading to mechanical failure.

When you encounter misunderstandings or anything else while using nuts, remember not to panic. This can also be regarded as the first thing in everything. Don't panic, don't calmly solve all problems. I believe there will always be time to overcome.