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Precautions For Making A Thread Of Hex Rivet Nut

Fasteners can be seen everywhere in us. Among them, hex rivet nut is also a kind of fastener. So what should we pay attention to when making the thread of the rivet nut?

Due to the problem of low efficiency and unstable quality of hand tapped threads, in actual mass production, machine tapped threads with good quality, high efficiency, and low production cost are mainly used. However, in the process of machine tapping, we must also use machines and tools correctly, otherwise, it will also affect the quality of threaded holes.

The machine tool’s accuracy is the radial runout of the drilling machine spindle. If the tapping accuracy of the threaded hole is high, the positioning support surface of the fixture for clamping the workpiece is perpendicular to the drilling machine spindle center or the tap center, and the threaded bottom hole of the workpiece is the same as the tap center. The axis degree should generally not be greater than 0.05mm.

When the tap is about to finish tapping the thread, the feed should be light and slow to prevent the front end of the tap and the depth of the thread bottom hole of the workpiece from interfering and damaging the tap.

And the thread making of half hex rivet nut also needs attention.