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Precautions For Use Of Blind Rivet Nut

Rivet nuts have certain applications in all walks of life, so naturally, there are many applications of the blind rivet nut . So what should we pay attention to before using it?

  1. First check whether the gun nozzle screw is assembled correctly, select the corresponding gun head and rivet bolt according to the size of the rivet nut and whether the connecting parts are firmly connected. 2. Pay attention to the deformation length or displacement of the riveted nut, and then adjust the opening angle of the operating rod correctly. 3. The scale ring of the riveting nut gun is used to adjust the riveting stroke. It can be adjusted at will according to the needs during operation. It is worth noting that: when adjusting the length of the riveting bolt, you need to open the two handles and adjust the gun head sleeve, which is the riveting bolt. The exposed length is slightly longer than the length of the rivet nut, and finally, the conditioning nut and the gun body are tightened. 4. Finally open both hands to count out the bakelite, put the corresponding rivet nut on the end of the rivet bolt and pinch it firmly, push the bakelite to screw the gun head bolt, and then pierce the rivet nut into the pre-drilled rivet, and then press the two handles forcefully, at this moment, the rivet nut swells to rivet the workpiece, and then the bakelite ball is released, and the rivet bolt is withdrawn from the threaded hole. The device of the rivet nut can be completed.

When we use rivet nuts, we must use professional tools to complete them. The same is true for countersunk head rivet nut .