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Quality Inspection Of Carbon Steel Rivet Nut

There are many uses of the carbon steel rivet nut around us, so what is the quality inspection of the carbon steel rivet nut?

The first is to inspect the materials required for the production of rivet nuts and inspect its wires. When ordering back, check the specifications, model, size, and other aspects. See if we can meet our requirements.

Then inspect the production process of rivet nuts. Punched out from the nut machine, punched into shape, all shapes, specifications, and dimensions of all aspects are inspected. After the punch test is completed, we are checking the tapping. All threads of the rivet nut are inspected. See if we can meet the rules of the pass and stop, achieve pass rules and stop rules.

Furthermore, some rivet nuts are made of carbon steel, that is, iron, and need to be electroplated with different colors. There are many aspects to the inspection of electroplating, including electroplating color, the salt spray test time reached after electroplating, etc.

The last is the inspection of the pressure riveting nut when it is shipped. At the time of shipment, the defective products are sorted out. Only qualified products can be used by customers. Find bad product quality problems in time and control the quality well.

Of course, the same is true for flat head rivet nut testing, so you can rest assured about the quality of the product.