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The Level Gap Of Custom Rivet Nut

There are many types of rivet nuts, and most people who don't know much about rivet nuts will be confused by the various specifications and models of rivet nuts. To save time and effort, many people will choose custom rivet nut for convenience.

The rivet nut can be hinged by using the riveted shape, which is more complicated than other shapes of rivets. Pay attention to why you should choose the same type of parts because steel processing has a higher viscosity and larger product size. Once the above situation occurs, the top priority is to replace this part. It is best to purchase qualified products in the second purchase, to avoid the possibility of excessive monthly supply.

Compared with the foreign level, China's rivet nut technology still has a big gap. The specific manifestations are high variety, low level, unstable quality, high early failure rate, and poor reliability. However, in recent years, China's rivet nuts have been continuously improving, constantly narrowing the gap with foreign standards. The quality of rivet nuts like knurled rivet nut is constantly improving.